Guest Code of Conduct

To ensure the SAFETY and ENJOYMENT of every guest of Sunway Lagoon requires that all regulations, policies and directions must be obeyed at all times. It is the responsibility of every guest to ensure that they are informed, aware of, and in compliance with of all Sunway Lagoon policies, rules, and regulations. For further detail please read our Rules and Regulation. In general guests must behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to safety risks, have negative impact on another guest’s family-fun experience, or disrupt the peace and tranquility of the Park. Failure to comply may be cause for dismissal from the Park WITH NO REFUND GIVEN.

Appropriate Behavior

General conduct must be safe and in keeping with the desired family fun environment. Running, visible intoxication, physical or verbal assault, destruction of park property and inappropriate language or gestures are prohibited.

• Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Sunway Lagoon Property with the exception of the several designated smoking areas which can be located in the park.

• Line Jumping is defined as cutting in front of other guests or attempting same point re-entry after having left the line for any reason including using a restroom or retrieving food or drink. Make all stops prior to entering a line queue. Any guest, who line jumps, may be ejected from the Park with NO REFUND GIVEN!

• Image and Video Capture for the intent of public audience use/distribution must be authorized and escorted by a Sunway Lagoon Representative. Equipment use is acceptable only when it is safe and unobtrusive to other guests. Amount & size of equipment should be minimized; tripods are strongly discouraged. Use of capture devices is strictly prohibited on rides and in restrooms.

Restricted Items

Any item which causes safety concern or disruption of other guests including but not limited to laser pointers/pens, audio amplifiers, diving masks, snorkels, unauthorized advertisements or solicitations, and recreational wheels such as skates, roller blades, and skateboards.

• Alcoholic beverages of any type may not be brought onto Park property.
• Fire arms and/or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
• Possession or use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
• Beverages in Glass bottles are not allowed.
• Pets other than guide dogs/service animals are prohibited.
• Failure to comply with park personnel or any park rules is cause for dismissal from the park with no refund given.

Thank You for your patronage. Enjoy your visit to Sunway Lagoon Water Park !


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